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When running Internet Explorer from the the modern UI, I can't find out how to access tabs. I can create tabs using Ctrl + T, but I'm not sure how to switch between tabs, see what tabs I have open, etc.

How do I navigate between tabs when using the modern UI Internet Explorer?

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You can use CTRL + Tab to navigate through tabs in a forward direction or use CTRL + Shift + Tab to navigate in a backwards direction.

There is also a top bar to allow you to add new tabs. You should be able to get the top bar by right clicking over it, or the equivalent touch gestures

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Hover doesn't seem to work, but right click brings up a top bar with thumbnails of all the tabs . . . – ernie Nov 1 '12 at 20:12

You can either right click to bring up the tabs list, or use CTRL + TAB to cycle through the ones you have open.

On touch devices, you should be able to emulate right click with a tap.

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