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I tried to change the mod key in awesome from the windows key to either Pause, Scroll Lock, and Escape.

For all keys I tried to change the entry in the rc.lua configuration file; I tried to use xmodmap to clear locks and add mod4 = ...

However it seems that no matter what I do the keys get "sticky" (sometimes in a weird inconsistent way), namely if I hit them once the computer acts as though they are constantly pressed.

Is there a reasonable way to change this behavior?

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I have a file with these two lines in my home:

clear lock 
keysym Caps_Lock = Super_L

It gets called from my rc.lua like this:

awful.util.spawn("xmodmap /home/username/your_xmodmap.file")
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I don't want to use capslock as the modkey. the clear lock command clears shift lock, and there shouldn't be any shift lock for either keys mentioned in the first line of my question. – Archie Nov 9 '12 at 7:43

I know I am 3 years late, but if this helps anyone, switch

modkey = "Mod4"


modkey = "Mod1"


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