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The Dell laptop I have comes with pre-installed Windows 7. Later, I installed Fedora 17.

Now, I'd like to get rid of Fedora 17 and boot normally from my Windows 7 as I did before.

I do not have the installation discs for Windows 7. Is it possible to restore the boot loader from Windows 7 itself without installing any additional programs?

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When you remove your Fedora 17, you will be left with a broken GRUB.

AFAIK, it is not possible to restore your MBR directly from your Windows Installation. However, what you can do is, download Ultimate Boot CD for Windows and boot using it.
Once you hit the GUI on it, under Programs > Disk Tools > Partition you will find MBRWizard and MBRFix use these to create a new MBR for your system.

Alternatively you could download a vanilla Windows ISO from directly and boot using it. When booting, press r to reach the Recovery Console. On it type, fixmbr to recreate the MBR for your system.

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