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How can I show the tab bar in Modern UI Firefox (Elm, 19.0a1 2012-11-01) as in the following screenshot?

Click for full size

I assume some gesture would work, but I don't have a touchscreen.

I can currently switch tabs using the Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab, but no tab bar!

When I add a new tab with the plus button on the top right, I see tab previews briefly but they disappear as soon as the page loads:

Click for full size

Click for full size

How can I get the tab bar (either from the first or last screenshot) to show on demand and let me select a tab?

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Simply right click twice! The first right click will show the address bar and orange settings/zoom/whatever bar down the bottom; the second will hide the orange bar and show the tabs!

From there, to get the first screenshot's view, click the three dots on the top right to Always show tabs!

Note that this is betaalphapre-alpha software, so parts may potentially break every update.

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