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I have a bluetooth speaker system in my windows 8.Is there any other way of connecting and disconnecting without re-adding the device with its drivers/going out of range and turning off bluetooth in windows 8?

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So you ask the question you and get a perfect answer but cant give the courtesy to mark it as the answer? –  workabyte Jul 8 at 15:51

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I just found the solution :

  • Right click on the sound icon on the taks bar
  • Select playback device
  • Right click on your bluetooth device
  • Select connect or disconnect
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Good find! I wonder however why Microsoft hid it so deep. It's a real hassle if I wanna switch between Bluetooth audio transmission from PC and music streaming from smartphone via Spotify Connect to Wi-Fi speaker :( –  CoDEmanX Mar 21 at 12:23

Well you can unpair the device in PC Settings. First you'd have to search up "Bluetooth" in the charms bar search icon. Then click on Settings to get the results. Click on "Add Bluetooth Device". (Yes I know you don't want to add a bluetooth device but keep on reading) Right click on the device you want to remove and there you go device removed. But if you want to add it again then click on "Add a device".

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This is exactly what the OP is trying to avoid. @Techbrunch's answer is the correct one. –  Ashley Steel Nov 12 '14 at 21:53

There is a tutorial on youtube showing how to create a shortcut on the start screen for my audio devices.

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Just providing links for answers is discouraged. Perhaps you could provide the steps at a high level? –  slm Jan 25 '13 at 0:15

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