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I want to automatically fill / clone / copy column E (from cell E8 down to E100) to L8, S8, Z8 etc.

Is this possible using a formula?

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Formulae or values / are any cells already occupied in columns to the right of E / are other cells in E (not 8:100) occupied / also, are you sure you need this rather than, say, splitting the pane at E or using E for print titles? – pnuts Nov 2 '12 at 14:23

If you're ok with dragging over all existing columns you can use this formula in F8 and drag across and down:


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One way would be to put =IF(MOD(COLUMN()-5,7)=0,$E8,"") in L8 and copy down to L100 and then that block across as far as required.

Potentially that is a lot of formulae and these may interfere with subsequent entries such as into M50, so I suggest copying the entire range containing the formulae and then Paste Special, Values over the top.

Counting from 1, ColumnL happens to be 7 to the right of ColumnE but also Column 12 to Excel. So in ColumnL COLUMN() [ie 12] -5 is 7. MOD(…,7) will give a residual for any number not divisible by seven but not (ie =0) when that number is a multiple of seven. The IF function then takes a copy of E8 etc where required and inserts a blank (“”) where not.

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You can clone the column by entering =IF($E8="","",$E8) in L8, S8, and Z8 and then filling each formula down the column accordingly.

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That little 'etc.' could be nuisance though it if means a large part of 2,048 times! – pnuts Nov 2 '12 at 15:55
Correction - 2,340 times (slight problem with zero and 1 base!) – pnuts Nov 2 '12 at 16:20

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