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My Mac mini system tray (Dock) havs so many icons. However Safari's icon is not available in the Dock. I can see the application in my Applications folder.

How can I put Safari onto my Dock, so I can directly access it from my desktop itself without having to find it in my Applications folder?

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It's called the dock, not the system tray. – Andrew Medico Oct 2 '09 at 4:51

Double click safari to open it. Then, when it's open, right click on it's icon on the dock (which you call the system tray), and say `keep in dock' (or options -> keep in dock on snow leopard).

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Drag-n-drop the icon from a finder window to the Dock.

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Here is an article on the Apple website about the Dock in general, but also includes information on how to add or remove icons from the Dock.

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