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In Windows 8.0 and Windows RT you can right-click in the bottom-left corner to access a menu of commonly used desktop links. You can access the same menu with the keyboard using Windows+X.

Is there a way to access this menu using touch?

I have a Surface RT and have tried a number of gestures in the corner (e.g., press and hold, swipe down) on both the Desktop and the Start Screen without any luck.

EDIT: This issue is fixed in Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1. You can press and hold on the reinstated Start button to access the Quick Link menu.

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I would look for ways to do a right click in Windows 8.... Does long pressing with one finger and then tapping with another do anything? (I don't have a Win8 Touch device to test with) – Bryan Denny Nov 2 '12 at 15:06
Thanks @BryanDenny. The usual substitute for right click on the desktop is a long press, but is always treated as a taskbar right click. On the start screen it's a downward swipe which does nothing. – Codybartfast Nov 2 '12 at 17:10

This is currently not possible.

I also tried a scenario where you would would simulate the Windows+X keystroke using AutoIt software (you could make an executable file with the script), but it seems that the Windows+X combination is blocked.

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Thank you, I'm coming to the same conclusion. – Codybartfast Nov 5 '12 at 6:07

You can bring up all apps and select On-Screen Keyboard, its different than the default keyboard and spoarts a Win key so you can win x. Not a great option because that keyboard is not default but in a pinch it does work.

You can always pin the other keyboard to your taskbar and use it when needed. that is fairly quick to open it that way. K.

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That works! Although I find it a bit fiddly for accessing a 'quick' link menu. If in touch only mode I think I'll be using the Search charm, which is more natural to me after more 'metro' exposure. – Codybartfast Mar 1 '13 at 7:05

Press and hold to right-click.

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unfortunately this just brings up the context menu for the taskbar rather than Quick Links / Admin menu. – Codybartfast Nov 5 '12 at 6:02

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