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I'm using Google Chrome 3.0 on dev channel (I think, even though mine didn't update to 4.0), and I noticed a few days ago that Chrome updated from to For some reason, the browser started hogging up my processor immediately after the upgrade, and continues to do so sometimes, but I got a few BSODs, of course with Chrome running, and for some reason, my themes, extensions, and preferences were wiped during one! While I have re-entered all of my home pages (thankfully saved passwords weren't deleted) and vital settings, I'm trying to re-install the Dots theme but it just won't install it - it download it and goes into the Loading... mode, which is when it should apply the theme, but nothing happens. Has this happened to anyone? If this were to happen to you, what would you do? Also, which Chrome group/forum would be best to post to as a bug (themes not installing)?

By the way, I'm going to try installing one of the extensions I had previously in Chrome, and I will update here whether it works or not, as themes not installing makes me strangely suspicious... ;)


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There weren't any answers to my question, but oh well! Chrome auto-updated today to - the problem has disappeared! I just installed a theme (it worked yay), and I'm about to install my old extensions (still have them in my immense Downloads folder...) I'm thinking that this was just a problem with, but I'm not sure (what do you think?). I'm going to check the dev group, but I'm also thinking of upgrading to the dev channel, i.e. 4.0, except that last I checked, the Inspector isn't working correctly, and as I love the Inspector, I'm not sure what to do. Do you know if this has been fixed yet? Thanks!

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