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Is there a simple software that would let me categorize, tag and search items that I input in it? It would be like a regular database but with a simplified GUI.

I would add items with meaningful description and then categorize them and add tags. Then I would like to search (preferably real-time i.e. the search is showing results as I am typing) based on the item name/description, category or tag. The other option would obviously be that I just click the category or tag and it lists all the relevant results. List of categories and tags would also be a nice touch.

Software is needed for Windows 7 or 8 or it can even be a Web app.

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I recommend Notational Velocity or, even better, the fork of it called nvALT. It's interface is minimalist. Each note you create gets a title and a body. You can add tags to notes. The integrated search engine is fast. You have the option of storing your notes as plain text files, RTF, or HTML. nvALT supports multi-markdown. And both support wiki-style linking between notes. Both support syncing with Simplenote:




Both NV and nvALT are OS X apps, but there are two clones which will run on Windows: ResophNotes and nvPY (which runs anywhere Python will):



I haven't tested these clones, but the originals support the search-while-you-type requirement, too.

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You could try GCstar http://www.gcstar.org/ or Data Crow http://www.datacrow.net/

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I'm developing a software to organize my private stuff based on similar needs. You can search your items in realtime while you're typing. You can navigate from every attribute you have defined (like tags and categories). You can use it for free: http://code.google.com/p/easytory/ I'm looking forward to your feedback.

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