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I'm a web developer - I do high-end database and web site integration. I work with a very talented team of artists who typically work with Adobe tools (Creative Suite). The ideal requirements document I would receive from them (I would receive functional requirements elsewhere) would be a PDF containing the text of the site and design integrated into a single package.

The problem with this, as described to me, is that InDesign is very capable at layout text, styling, etc, and Illustrator is very capable at laying out a design and exporting to web graphics. But there's a gap between the two, and that makes it difficult to produce the unified doc...what we generally end up with is text in a Word doc and Lorem Ipsum in the pdf.

I figure someone else has had to solve this problem before. Is there a better set of tools out there, or a plug-in, or some other solution?


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Adobe products tend to be the industry standard as far as print and web publishing go. Can you give an example of your workflow? – user144631 Dec 3 '12 at 3:40

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