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Always when Sublime Text 2 connects to the web, e.g. for listing and fetching packages with Package Control, it takes a huge amount of time to load. I even had to disable the LiveReload Package because always on startup it loads a .js file from the web, which leads to app startup times of nearly 30 seconds. That's very annoying.

It seems as a similar problem appears when I'm sending an email from, which takes about 30 seconds until it starts to upload. When I'm in another network that delay does not take place. I didn't test Sublime Text 2 in another network, so I can't tell if this is related.

I have a 13" MacBook Pro (2009), that is connected to the web through a netopia (3356N-VGx) router.

My internet connection is about 5000 kbit/s, which should be fast enough. I think that something is blocking the connection, but I don't what it could be or how I could find out.

Does anyone know where I'd have to start looking?

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