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Is there a way to determine some information from looking at a CPU, I have 1 I am trying to sell from a PC I was building a few years ago for a car pc, I no longer remember what the speed or anything of the CPU was and I cannot test it as it takes a special car adapter to power the PC.

It has some numbers on it though...

top of chip has:
RH80536 740
7525B174 SL7SA

bottom of chip has:
Intel 04

Is there anyway to find out more about it online? I beleive it was a Pentium M or something at the time that was generally used in a laptop, didn't use as much power or didn't get as hot or something

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and people wonder why lmgtfy is used so much around here... – Manos Dilaverakis Oct 2 '09 at 11:32
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RH80536 740 = SL7SA Intel Pentium M 740.
See this info on

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