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I have Windows 8, and I want regular Skype, not Metro Skype. Metro Skype doesn't support many features that the desktop version does, and it's buggy.

I tried to go to When I hit "Get Skype for Windows 8," I'm redirected to the Windows Store to install Metro Skype.

How can I download and install normal Skype on Windows 8?

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The original installer can be found here.

  • Download the setup file, right click on it and select Properties
  • Select the Compatibility Tab
  • Then check mark Run this program in Compatibility mode
  • Click Apply and check if it works.
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You can download an offline installer here:

Skype Offline Installer for Windows

No need to run it in compatibility mode, or be connected when installing - works perfectly.

I would recommend removing the Metro version, however - which I find quite annoying to use as it logs in and out randomly and renders you uncontactable - presumably because Metro has absolute control over it and kills it when your PC runs out of RAM.

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At the top hover mouse over get skype and select skype for windows desktop. Sign in and download.

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