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Excel Screenshot

On the above Excel screenshot, how can I get the side numbers (y-axis) to only go up to one or two? So it does not show 0.2, 0.4 etc so it only says 0, 1, 2, 3 etc.



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You need to go through the axis settings. There, you have to change a couple of things. My Excel is German, so you will have to guess the names of things.

  • Left-click the axis on the left side. It shows up selected with a box.
  • Right-click and select Format diagram (or similar).


  • In the window, stay in the top item of the list on the left (Axis options).

    Options window

  • On the right, the top four properties are what we want to change. They are all set to Auto by default. You can change them to reflect the look you want. I chose 0, 3 and 1 for the first three and left the fourth value on Auto since it doesn't seem to do anything.

    Change the first three values

The diagram now looks like this:

Altered diagram

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