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I need to show some demonstrations at an upcoming conference where I run a node.js server on my machine, and let the audience connect to it (I'll give the IP address).

The "Internet Sharing" capability of OSX works great if my MacBook have the Internet connection (via Ethernet), but that option is not available if it doesn't have the Internet connection.

All I need is a local (isolated from the Internet) WiFi connection between my MacBook and audiences devices. I'd really appreciate if somebody could help me to solve this issue.

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This type of question would be better over on You will likely get better answers there. – Brad Nov 2 '12 at 22:07

Take a small switch with you so you get a connection to a Network. Then configure that network manually and everything should be up and running.

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While this is a the practical, always working answer, it it not what the OP asked. – Hennes Oct 15 '15 at 12:47

You can create a local(non-internet)hotspot in your MacBook.Just follow the instructions below:

1.Open the network menu item in the menu bar of the Finder and select "Create Network"

enter image description here

2.In the dialog that appears set the Network name and Channel

enter image description here

3.Depending on the "Security" selection you may have to enter a passphrase(Not on all Devices).

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