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I would like to rent a remote computer, like a virtual Vista or Windows 7 desktop, and run everything on it and access it with RDP (fastest).

It could be virtual (running on Xen or Hyper-V) and the price needs to be right.

Windows 7 to Windows 7 has nice RDP offload feature and doing stuff in the cloud is fast.

Anywhere I could rent something like that?

I've been using Amazon and CloudLayer, but they are optimized for server versions of Windows.


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Desktone sounds like it's headed this way, but it looks more enterprise than consumer.

How was Amazon EC2 not optimized for desktop use? Just curious, haven't used it before.

Maybe Rackspace Cloud Sites?

Yeah, I'm actually surprised Citrix isn't hyping up an offering in this space. They've got the XenDesktop virtualization ( but they haven't turned that into an end-user rental product yet. – quack quixote Oct 2 '09 at 10:20
Actually, Desktone is the front end of a collaboration by Citrix + IBM + VMware. – hyperslug Oct 2 '09 at 10:47

You can set up environments and edit documents, etc. using Cloudshare Pro (pretty responsive but not Mac ready), but unfortunately, the instances last only 15 days. You can import and save documents using FTP on these virtual machines. You can customize the environment if you wish. The site is for IT departments to demo integrated PC environments.

They do not appear to have an "Environment Rent" plan where you can pay as you go, so your elaborate environment has to be recreated every 15 days.

It is pretty surprising that nobody appears yet to be renting instances with "Microsoft Office" and a couple of other essential programs included with the option to install your own. It would be a great alternative for Mac Users (like me) that occasionally need to use a PC on the road (use VMWare at home) or don't want to have to install VMWare on every Mac I have (8 and counting).


You can rent Windows 7 virtual desktop online at and access it from a web browser, RDP client, Android phone or tablet