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Possible Duplicate:
How to revert to Windows 7 after installing Windows 8?

I am not happy with windows 8 currently and thus I am wishing to either dual boot or undo my upgrade.Is it possible?

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Undoing an upgrade is not possible. Your best bet is to back up your data and do a fresh install of Windows 7.

In addition, if you purchased the Windows 8 upgrade, dual booting is not possible (or is at least against the licensing agreement). The Windows 8 upgrade is designed to update an existing Win 7 instance.

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One thing you can do is Dual Booting that is possible.

The other way if you like experimenting then make an Image of the current OS and keep it in say other HDD(external or Internal) and restore it later on.It is possible by creating a system image using NORTON GHOST.The Link

You can also create a Bootable Norton Ghost CD and then select the ISO from HDD and restore the image and the OS instance will be back and running

Its a wonderful tool to create and keep images of OS as an ISO Format and then use it when you require.

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