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On Windows 7 my mouse buttons are configured with Logitech SetPoint software. But today I installed Ubuntu 12.04 with Wubi. Of course my extra buttons are not working now on Ubuntu. I installed xbindkeys and xbindkeys-config but couldn't figured out how to bind my buttons. I started xev from the terminal and checked if the buttons are recognised, they are. So, what I'm doing:

  1. Start xbindkeys-config
  2. Press New button
  3. My first side button (Forward on the browsers by default) is button 9 as I checked with xev, so for Key I write b:9.
  4. On Windows I'm using it for opening a new tab in the browser. So, for Action I write ctrl+t, control+t or Control + t | m:0x4 + c:28 which is the combination when click Get Key button and then Ctrl+T

But it's not working. If I write xterm instead, it's working, so my button b:9 is recognised properly. The problem is the key combination Ctrl+T. How to write it?

The bindings that I want to save are:

Left Scroll Button (b:6): Volume-

Right Scroll Button (b:7): Volume+

Back Button (b:8): Ctrl+W for closing the current tab

Forward Button (b:9): Ctrl+T for opening a new tab

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After a lot of researching I finally figured it out. For using key combinations I installed xdotool:

sudo apt-get install xdotool

After that I used these actions:

For Ctrl+T: xdotool key ctrl+t

For Ctrl+W: xdotool key ctrl+w


And for volume up and down I used these actions:

amixer sset Master  1+ unmute


amixer sset Master  1- unmute
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