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How can one list the shared folders of a server from the OSX Terminal? For example, I know that on server1, there are several shared folders, but to mount them, I need to know the name of these folders before I can mount them

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And are you looking for the shares on the current logged in OSX system, or on a remote OSX system? – Canadian Luke Nov 3 '12 at 18:24


Mac OS X 10.7 and above have the smbutil(1) command, which lists SMB shares (i.e. Windows shares):

smbutil view //user@hostname

In OS X versions prior to Lion (10.7), the smbclient(1) command was shipped:

smbclient -L //user@hostname

For more options, check the respective manpages.


For NFS, showmount(8) lists all available mounts on a host:

showmount hostname


None I'm aware of at the moment. See this Stack Overflow question: How to list AFP shares from command-line (MacOS)?

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For NFS shares.

showmount server1 OSX showmount Man page

For SMB and AFS no idea.

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