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I am using Thunderbird E-mail client v.

I would like to filter all HTML encoded messages. For this I created a message filter with a customized header "Content-Type" but that does not work as expected (no messages are filtered).

The filter looks like that:

"Content-Type" "contains" "text/html"

I did not find any related bug or workaround (no add-ons).

Is my filter wrong? Should I try Thunderbird V. 3 beta?

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So this problem was my mistake, the filter is working, but as I am using an imap account, I needed to setup the account for offline use in order to be able to filter on the content-type (or for filtering on Body) – avelldiroll Oct 2 '09 at 11:08
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For filters on the body of a message to work on an IMAP account, said account needs to be set up for offline use.

In order to do so go to:

Account settings > Offline & diskspace

and tick "Make the messages in my inbox available when I am working offline"

Then select the ad hoc folders after clicking on "Select folders for offline use ..."

After that my filter will work.

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Any emails you receive in HTML format will contain the Content-type: text/html specification in the actual body of the message.

So change your filter to the following:

Body     contains     Content-type: text/html

This will now allow you to filter the emails sent in HTML.

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Thanks, but as I commented above, I forgot to precise that I was using an imap account ... that means no online filtering on Body – avelldiroll Oct 2 '09 at 11:09

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