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I got 200+ shortcuts pinned on the Windows 8 start screen by some rogue program.

It would be a pain to right-click every item and then click Unpin to remove them:

Is there a way to remove all the items from the start screen easily?

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  1. Open Command Prompt (Admin) by pressing Win + X, A

  2. Copy these lines:

    del %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Windows\appsFolder.itemdata-ms
    del %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Windows\appsFolder.itemdata-ms.bak
    tskill explorer
  3. Right-click in Command Prompt and select Paste:

  4. Press Enter.

  5. You're done. Now the Windows 8 start screen will reset to its original state:

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This works great to reset it to the default, but do you have any idea how I could set it to entirely blank? – bryan kennedy Oct 14 '14 at 19:10

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