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I am following this manual to install Arch Linux from within another Linux distro with the help of an Arch Linux live CD. Here is what I did:

  • sudo mount -o loop Downloads/archlinux-2012.11.01-dual.iso arch_iso/
  • unsquashfs -d squashfs-root/ arch_iso/arch/x86_64/root-image.fs.sfs
  • This results in a directory squashfs-root/ containing one file: root-image.fs

I assume that this is not what I want. I want to see something that looks like a Linux root folder. If I follow these steps: "mount the file system" with mount -B /squashfs-root ${livecd_arch} and mount -t proc /proc ${livecd_arch}/proc, I get error messages like:

mount: mount point /home/me/arch_root//proc does not exist

What am I missing? Thanks!

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You have to create a directory before you can mount anything to it. The error that mount is throwing appears to reflect such a situation. To rectify it, simply create the directory:

mkdir /home/me/arch_root/proc

Then retry your mount command.

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That was my first guess, but it turns out that these directories are supposed to be there... see my self-answer. 1up for being the only one who cared ;) – steffen Nov 3 '12 at 22:34

Instead of mounting the directory with

mount -B /squashfs-root ${livecd_arch}

On has to mount the file in it with

mount squashfs-root/root-image.fs arch_root/

Then I end up with what would become the root folder of the live system with existing but obviously empty /proc (etc.) folders. That's where I mount the host systems /proc into.

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