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I stumbled on question 217394 which explains how to copy files sorted alphabetically into one single file. Trying to implement the command myself rendered the following error message: The system cannot find the file specified.
The command I am trying to run is here:

for /f %i in ('dir /a-d /o-n /b O:\OrdersExport\Order*.txt') do @type %i >> C:\Users\Admin\Documents\OrderImport.txt

The error does not appear if I browsed to the folder in question first:

C:\>cd OrdersImport

I simply want one line to copy from destination to that single file.

By the way, if it matters, O: is a mapped folder over network

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The dir command list the filenames only. So %i variable is filled with relative paths. If the command is not run from the directory in question use %~fi to expand the relative path to absolute path.

for /f "tokens=*" %i in ('dir /a-d /o-n /b "O:\OrdersExport\Order*.txt"') do (
    @type "%~fi" >> "C:\Users\Admin\Documents\OrderImport.txt"
  • tokens=* deals with spaces in filenames, so %i is always whole line of the dir output.
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