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I am using a laptop computer with Windows Vista SP2 32 bit OS and Skype version I have configured Skype to automatically answer calls with video and have a connected USB webcam to which I use to watch my animals or other things in my absence.

Here's the problem: I like to keep the computer lid closed in order to reduce screen power and cut down on dust. When the computer lid is closed, this turns off the screen backlight, a behavior I favor.

Apparently, either the dark screen backlight or even an enabled screensaver is enough to interfere with Skype's ability to automatically answer a call with video or correctly release such a call.

Any suggestions which will allow for me to use Skype and keep the lid closed?

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Have you tried disabling the screensaver? – Michael Nov 4 '12 at 8:19

most laptops go to sleep when the lit is closed, by doing this, it interrupts the network connection. if you configure the laptop to not go into sleep mode when the sleep button is pressed )mostly this button is hidden and pressed when the lit is closed' then you get what you want

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