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I have a weird problem with polish accents on Ubuntu 10.04 in terminal (no X server). When I try to type big letter Ł, it works when it is typed by pressing right Alt+Shift+L. BUT when you press Shift first (Shift+Alt+L as opposed to Alt+Shift+L) - it doesn't work.

Any ideas why?

Update: I have narrowed the problem to just pressing Shift+Alt. It's enough to block further typing - for example when I type "zxc", screen shows: ^[z^[x^[c.

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I finally found the answer to this problem. It turns out that, when I issue loadkeys pl command to load polish keymap, it somehow maps Shift+Alt combination to something. To prevent this behaviour, I had to do:

loadkeys pl
dumpkeys > pl.kmap

Then, I've edited the pl.kmap file, removing all entries below keycode 100 = AltGr line. Finally, I've added

loadkeys ./pl.kmap

To my .profile file, and it worked! Now I can input any key combination without any trouble.

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