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I have a Mac Mini with Mac OS X Lion.

Basically I am a developer and practiced coding with DVORAK keyboards. So I changed my keyboard layout to DVORAK and I'm working with it. I'm using the admin user on my Mac Mini.

When I restart my computer, during login, the layout is changed to QWERTY and it's hard to type the password. It happens only for the admin user though. If I create the another user and set the layout as DVORAK and restart, that user has the DVORAK keyboard for login.

Note: I have a QWERTY keyboard, I'm only changing the layout in the keyboard preferences.

So, to summarize, how can I get the DVORAK keyboard layout for the admin login as well?

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Normaly you would go to the Systempreferences for Users and Groups, open up the Login Options and there you can select Show Input menu in login window. That should give you the possibility to change the keyboard-Layout in the login screen from whats currently selected to your prefered layout.

Have a look at this Apple-Support document

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Yod did it. Thank you so much. I never found that. – Dinesh Raja Nov 5 '12 at 12:08

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