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I have a Mac Mini running OSX 10.7.5, I can log into it through a laptop running Windows 7 and browse it's files.

I have another machine running Windows 8, it can see the Mac Mini, but when trying to connect, a "Windows Security" pop-up appears asking me to log in. It automatically adds the DOMAIN to the username field like:

Username: <DOMAIN>/mini
Password: .........

Authentication fails. Any suggestions?

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Couple things to try:

  • Remove the domain name (change the login to just Mini) before logging in.
  • Use "." instead (.\Mini) to represent the target/local computer as the 'domain' to use.

Perhaps check out this SU question: Is there a simpler way to log into a local account on a domain workstation?

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Thanks, just tried it - neither of these work. – Paulius Uza Nov 4 '12 at 19:47

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