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I just installed a Core i7 3770K. I have a Corsair H60 Hybrid CPU cooler with fans on both sides of the radiator for a push/pull configuration. I have the airflow for the radiator pulling in air from outside the case. My no load temps are about 37-42 C. I converted a MKV yesterday to M4V to test the CPU and temperatures were up around 78 C. The TCASE on Itel's website is 67.4 C. Would that indicate I installed the heatsink poorly? I haven't even begun to overclock it!


I did see this post for the Core i7 940 from a while back... but I didn't know how the Ivy Bridge compared...

Is my i7 CPU running too hot?

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I've got a Core i5-3570K and it's running at 17C idle and about 25C when I use Handbrake. I have no experience of the i7 chipset but, based on my experience with the i5, that sounds rather hot. –  Richard Nov 4 '12 at 22:12
Ivy Bridge runs hotter then Sandy Bridge. You cannot compare the two idle temperatures. –  Ramhound Nov 4 '12 at 22:32

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