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I have MacBook Pro, late 2011, running Mountain Lion 10.8.2.

I upgraded to Microsoft Office 2011, and use Powerpoint a lot for presentations. The updated version I'm using is: 14.2.3

The problem is that when I insert videos into a slide, it plays once when I click on the video, but not during a presentation. Doesn't recognize it as a movie file and only the first frame of the video appears on the page as a photograph. Very frustrating.

I have a presentation in 4 days and don't want to stop the presentation, go to the desk top, click on the video, show it and then go back to the slides in the presentation.

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One way to solve it is to LINK TO THE VIDEO on the drive. So whenever you click, your media player will open and play the file.

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Thank you. That worked but in my older powerbook, the video I wanted to show had its first frame as a photo on that slide and when I clicked on it then the video started. I wish I could do that now as it looks much better, more elegant. Still, your suggestion is a good stop-gap solution and I appreciate the suggestion. – Joseph Nov 9 '12 at 0:17

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