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I wanted to rename a lot of files with a pattern so I tried this for loop:

$ for f in *; do mv \""$f"\" \""HouseMD-S06E${f#*Episode }"\"; done

But I got this error:

mv: cannot stat `"House MD Season 6 Episode 01 - Broken (Parts 1 & 2).avi"': No such file or directory

So what I did was echo the mv commands to a file like this:

$ for f in *; do echo mv \""$f"\" \""HouseMD-S06E${f#*Episode }"\">>mv.txt; done

And the run the file with source.

Any ideas why the first for didn't work and how can I fix it?

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y dont you try the rename script? It should be built in already. check out this guide. – Karthik T Nov 5 '12 at 7:03
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There's no need for escaping double quotes again. If you use double quotes, this will make sure spaces in the filenames are no issue, even when the variable $f is expanded.

for f in *; do mv "$f" "HouseMD-S06E${f#*Episode}"; done

If you have these "double double quotes", let's assume you have the file foo, then the shell will try to run the command:

mv ""foo"" …

And obviously, "foo" does not exist – only foo – and this is why it fails.

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