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I'm trying to get a simple if statement working in both Zsh and Bash but I can't find something to work with both.

# this works with Zsh
if [[ "$TERM_PROGRAM" =~ iTerm\|Apple_Terminal ]]; then echo apples; fi

# this works with Bash
if [[ "$TERM_PROGRAM" =~ iTerm|Apple_Terminal ]]; then echo apples; fi


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It looks like this is one case where putting it in a variable first helps. This works for me in both zsh and bash:

if [[ "$TERM_PROGRAM" =~ $pattern ]]; then echo apples; fi

(Note: I added anchors to the pattern, to avoid matching things like "not_iTerm".)

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Thanks, Gordon. – Odin Nov 6 '12 at 23:12

I couldn't find a way to escape the regex that worked on both Bash and Zsh.

Here's a workaround I am using:

echo "$TERM_PROGRAM" | egrep -q 'iTerm|Apple_Terminal'
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