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I have HP Pavilion Dv6-3120tx laptop with pre installed windows 7 home basic OS

I have a single 320 GB hard-disk with Windows 7 x64bit pre installed, and the current partition schemes is as follows:

  • (c:) === NTFS 277.82GB - Where Windows 7 is installed (Primary)
  • HP_TOOLS === FAT32 99 MB
  • RECOVERY (D:) === NTFS 19.97 GB
  • SYSTEM === NTFS 199 MB

Now i want to create a primary partition by shrinking partition (C:), when i shrink partition (C:) it will change Basic disk to Dynamic disk...

Plz help me to use multi operating systems in my laptop...

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Download Parted Magic and partition your drive before installing the second OS.

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what is this software and how to use this software...? will i lose my current OS and all my personnel data if i use this software...? – Ambareesh Nov 5 '12 at 10:54

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