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For me it is quite easy to automate a jar file to run on a pc.

java -jar "C:\...\mFilePath\myJar.jar"

stick this into a cmd file, and schedule it.

Now, migrating over to a mac, i am unsure how to do this. I assumed the automator would be more straight forward, but i find it not to be. I must be doing something wrong.

Please, any advice is appreciated!!

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If you're not familiar with launchd you could also use cron, what is most commonly used under *nix. Just fire up Terminal and use "crontab -e" to add your job.

Format for crontab is

min hour day month day-of-week command

For more information look at Wikipedia :: Cron

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You can schedule scripts to run with launch agents. (man launchd , man launchctl). Lingon is a useful resource.

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Links I found useful for learning about launchd and launchctl:,…,…. Also, if you are a Ruby person, check out Mike Perham's lunchy. – Telemachus Nov 5 '12 at 10:59

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