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Enable history for Run dialog for Vista administrator

In my PC (running Windows 7 Professional - 64 bit), the Run dialog box does not keep the history of previous commands! So no suggestions are shown when a command is entered!
How do I enable this?

No suggestions are shown as I type a command!

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  1. Right-click on the taskbar.
  2. Click on Properties.
  3. Click on the Start Menu Button.
  4. Check the

Store and display a list of recently opened programs

option under privacy.

I hope this helps!

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Worked fine for the command line history issue. Thanks. ** But now the start menu has started keeping a hisotry of recently used programs which I don't like. (?) How can I keep the history for commands in 'Run' box only, without keeping the recently opened programs history in the start menu? –  CRoshanLG Nov 5 '12 at 11:28

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