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I suppose this has to be too common, but when searching (both google and the SE network) the S/N ratio is too low to find a clear answer...


  1. user looses her iOS6 iPhone4S
  2. user runs to iCloud website and sees the device is offline
  3. user panics
  4. user enables Lost Mode: as soon as the device will connect to the net, it will lock down with a passcode and show a message on the screen
  5. user enables a remote wipe: as soon as the device will connect to the net, it will factory reset. This includes wiping the iCloud functionality and Find My iPhone with it.
  6. user swears and realizes she won't ever be able to locate her phone


Is there any way to cancel the remote wipe while the device is still offline, in order to avoid loosing Find My iPhone functionality and try to locate the device?

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