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I want to turn my data from Toggl (which is my time tracker) to Google Calendar.

I have a .csv export from Toogl, and it looks like this but with 100 rows or more. I've been tracking my time with Toggl for over a year.

I have looked at iBiz, Billings, Harvest, Toggl, Paymo, Clicktime, tickspot, Freshbooks. They're not good enough.

Why do I need my Toggl data in google calendar? Because that way, I can analyse my time spent the way I want. This is what I need to get:

  1. Weekly view of the calendar – a visual representation of my work.
  2. Some key figures.

Example of key figures:

  • A time block's median/average time
  • how long my days are on average
  • how many time blocks a day I have
  • total work time per week
  • total work time per projekt per week (not the GTD-definition; I have three current big projects).

The neat thing about google calendar is that I can satisfy the need for visual view, and export my calendar using from where I am able to do some excel formulas and find out the numbers of my key figures.

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I solved a similar but simpler problem with timetracker, a gagdet added to your Google Calendar which is exactly what I needed, it sums hours grouped by tags present in your events. I hope it helps to someone else, has been hard to find.

I'd love to hear the solution you came with btw

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