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Every once in a while after my laptop (Toshiba Qosmio F755-3D350, now running Window 8) wakes up, it will appear to be connected to Wi-Fi (the system tray icon will display as such) however no internet access will be available. Furthermore the tool tip will tell me that I am connected to the last network I had a connection too, regardless of whether of not this is possible (even out of range).

Nether clicking on the system tray icon, nor the button in the settings side panel, will bring up the network list. Either action is simply ignored (there is still a button click animation, but nothing happens). Thus I am stuck connected to a phantom network. Enabling Airplane mode will pop up the "Airplane mode on" message, but the icon will not turn into a little plane as usual. And toggling it back on will also pop up the appropriate message, but still no icon change. And I will still be locked out of the menu.

The only way to fix this that I have found is the good old reboot, which is obviously not a great solution. And the problem may come back later.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Dose anyone know what causes it? And is there a way to eliminate it, or at least band-aid it without a reboot?

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