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I know such applications exist, but I'm not sure how they're really called. If someone could just direct me to a link to a similar question, that'd be fine.

Anyways, I'm looking for an application, that monitors how much during the day, was each application used. The problem is that some of them (firefox playing radio, visual studio always open ...) are running all the time - so I would need something to measure time during which it was actively used (for example, if firefox is running, but no mouse clicks or keyboard ticks, then put it in "passive" mode).

Is something like that available ?

Appreciate all advice on the matter.

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ManicTime is one such.
FriutfulTime is another.
There is an OSX app called Slife.

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Not one I've used, but I've heard a lot of good things about TimeSnapper.

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I've only briefly used it, but RescueTime seems to cover everything you're after.

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Wakoopa is a nice application that will track which applications you are using.

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Whatpulse supports application tracking (active and passive) in OSX and Windows.

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