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I want to update my sqlite3 version. I'm using centos5 (VPS requeriment), I have a new version downloaded (.rpm) and a previous installed (with the os) I have this error.

image of my problem

Well, I have noob on centos distributions, and dont know well the yum, rpm yet, but I cant found a solution for this.. Any idea? Sorry my bad english.

Is a test environment, I will havent problem with install the two versions on same time if these are posible. Thanks

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Use rpm -Uvh to upgrade the package, not install a second copy. You may also want to try yum localinstall <rpmfile> instead to help with dependency issues.

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Well, searching and searching, I have found a solution here: http://pkgs.org/centos-5-rhel-5/atomic-x86_64/sqlite-

I dont know why anybody press negative reputation to my question, I give all dats possible, attach a image, I try to be clear.. Of course, thanks for reading :)

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