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I have an excel sheet where a column contains memory informations formatted this way on one unique line in each cell:

{(slot  2048 MB,1,667,Unknown),(slot  2048 MB,2,667,Unknown),(slot  2048 MB,3,667,Unknown),(slot  2048 MB,4,667,Unknown)}

How can I format each cell to display the content of one parenthesis per line:

(slot  2048 MB,1,667,Unknown),
(slot  2048 MB,2,667,Unknown),
(slot  2048 MB,3,667,Unknown),
(slot  2048 MB,4,667,Unknown)
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I'm not sure you can do it with just formatting. But if you use SUBSTITUTE in a different cell, you can add in some line breaks. If your data is in A1, put this in B1:

=SUBSTITUTE(A1, "),(", ")," & CHAR(10) & "(" )

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Not quite clear whether you want to enter this information manually or via a formula but, similar to another answer, you can use CHAR(13).

[Technically char(13) is a carriage return whereas char(10) is a line feed]


=A1 & CHAR(13) & A2 & CHAR(13)...

along with various string replacement or substring strategies as required.

If you're entering text manually then you can insert a line break by using Alt+Enter within a cell.

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