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Is there a simple analog of svn --show-updates status in TF command line?

What I mean is how can I review the list of files with changes checked in to TFS server which I did not get to my workspace, without getting these changes into this workspace.

I tried to find similar switch in tf status, but in vain.

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You can use the /preview switch on the tf get command.

E.g. tf get $/MyTeamProject/MyBranch /recursive /preview

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Thanks, you're just in time :). After more attempts I have found the same way. I was even going to publish an answer to my own question. The only difference is that I used "." instead of repository path. This is my working command line: tf get /recursive /preview . – moudrick Nov 5 '12 at 16:38
Nevertheless I must note that this command line shows server changes, but does not show local changes, unlike the svn command I was searching the analog for. – moudrick Nov 5 '12 at 16:44
Ok, for server changes you could use the corresponding, tf checkin /validate this will show you the pending changes in your workspace. Without checking in. You can also use the TFS powertools command [tfpt uu]{…} this will undo any files checked out which are unchanged. Finally look at tf diff to see if that meets your needs – James Reed Nov 11 '12 at 5:53

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