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On Linux (last time I did this was with Compiz on Ubuntu 11), I like to have a transparent console window anchored to the desktop, so I can get to a shell just by clicking out of whatever I'm doing and don't have to play with with moving/resizing windows.

I'd like to do something similar on Windows 7/Server 2008. I could probably write up a quick little app in .Net that would run fullscreen and have a powershell terminal embedded in it, but, if somebody has already created something sufficient, or there is some other hackery to do this, I don't want to reinvent the wheel.

Another possibility could be a Quake-style pulldown console, similar to Guake (

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I use Console2 ( ) for this. You can remove title bar, pin it to the desktop, set transparency, etc.


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I ended up using ConEmu, which supports a Quake-style dropdown console.

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It's the best console for Windows. Hands down. – Alireza Noori Nov 27 '12 at 8:16

It looks like PoshConsole has this.

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