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I use Palm Treo 750 running Windows Mobile 6.1. I don't have GPRS on my mobile. However, I do have a broadband connection on my laptop running Windows Vista.

How can I use the PC's Internet connection to browse from mobile (either USB or Bluetooth)?

I have done this with one of my previous Windows mobiles (Smart Phone 2003 SE).

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You should install (update) ActiveSync on your laptop. And then it usually works automatic.
If not, use Start Menu, Settings, Connections (3rd Tab). I have a "USB to PC" icon there.

But the installed programs are configured by the Vendor, maybe yours are different. Describe how far you get. I would use USB (to start with).

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Hi Henk, Thanks for the help. Your hint helped in finding out the solution. This is what I did and now I am able to browse from the mobile. :) In PC (Vista): Open Windows Mobile Device Center Mobile Device Settings > Connection Settings Check "Allow USB connections" This computer is connected to "Internet" In Mobile Open Connections > USB to PC Either Check or clear the check box (Advanced...) – Vishnu Oct 6 '09 at 3:34

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