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I use pylint on .py files for :make in my .vimrc, although any program, pylint or otherwise, applies to this problem.

set makeprg=pylint\ --reports=n\ --output-format=parseable\ %

When I run :make, I inevitably get the annoying Press ENTER or type command to continue prompt. I know this can be disabled with :silent, but I can't prepend it to the makeprg variable like this, because it throws an error:

set makeprg=:silent "pylint\ --reports=n\ --output-format=parseable\ %"

If I try to have my own "Silent make command,"

command Smake silent make

The screen goes black after calling it.

How would I do it?

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Why not :silent make? – romainl Nov 7 '12 at 15:17

You can use :redraw CtrlL (or :redraw! to clear the screen first).


See that similar topic, and the Vim doc.

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