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I'm looking to install a different unix on my workstation to acquire some perspective on GNU/Linux and out of curiosity. I have narrowed my options down to these two. The reason for considering PureDarwin is because I have very little experience with Apple's products.

So my question is will installing and using PureDarwin give me a closer understanding of OSX than would running FreeBSD? What I have in mind are day to day routines like adding users, installing software and configuring various aspects of the underlying OS. I know that the GUI of OSX would not be available, but that is not a concern.

As a secondary, less important question, can I buy OS X in the apple store and run it in a virtual machine or does that violate their EULA?

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By "installing Darwin", you mean installing OS X? Note that installing OS X is only allowed on Apple hardware – and, in the case of OS X Mountain Lion, as a virtual machine running on Apple hardware. –  slhck Nov 7 '12 at 9:36
No. That was a secondary question. I meant the open source, freely available PureDarwin. –  Ярослав Рахматуллин Nov 7 '12 at 16:16
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