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I have 2 workbooks I am working with.

  • One workbook has an id and a category name.
  • The other workbook shows a name and category section that has an id number (but not the actual description).

Basically I want to copy the full category text to my current workbook from the old one based on the id number into a new column

What kind of formula can I use to check the id number category pair and then copy it into the new workbook in a new column?

Any help is great!

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Old worksheet: Column A: ID The following columns will have descriptions for the ID.

New worksheet: Column A: ID

Cells with a formula will contain information from the old WB (next column to ID for the formula below):


The formula can be copied down, after copying right, ",2)" should be changed to ",3)" etc. to include the next column.

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techonthenet.com/excel/formulas/vlookup.php gives a good overview. –  Jüri Ruut Nov 7 '12 at 9:29

you can use a vlookup function or otherwise use a VBA script. When you have tried something come back to this forum and ask a specific question please.

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