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I am trying out Windows 8 to see if I want to use it on my main computer. In Windows 8 I have my domain user account linked to my personal Live account. This is great for everything except Windows Live Messenger. I need to have my domain messenger account accessible. Is there a way to sign into multiple Messenger accounts on Windows 8, or at least sign into a different account without affecting every other app?

Thanks! Kurt

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Windows Live Messenger is being discontinued. Have you tried this behavior with the desktop Skype client? – Ramhound Nov 7 '12 at 17:10

Via the website you can chat in the browser. If you open new sessions of internet explorer (normal/in private/metro) and other browsers. You have plenty of different chat sessions.

Don't forget that Microsoft announced that it will drop Windows Live Messenger and promote Skype now. I suggest you switch to Skype and take over your accounts.

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