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I have a PC with Linux Mint installed on it, and I wanted to install Windows 7 alongside it.

What I have done is:

  • Created a bootable USB stick with Ubuntu.
  • Restarted the computer, this time with Ubuntu (running from my USB drive).
  • Created a partition on the main HD using GParted.
  • Formatted the partition to NTFS.
  • Restarted the computer, this time through the installation CD for Windows 7.
  • Installed Windows 7 with normal settings.

That all worked, and I'm writing this from Windows 7. But the thing is, when I boot my system, I don't get to choose what OS to run.

I checked the settings in msconfig, and in the Boot tab it has just Windows 7.

How can I boot Linux?

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Assuming that you shrank the disc correctly with GPT, then the likely cause would be you overwrote your boot loader. Windows bootloader (Longhorn, I believe) does not detect Linux discs or add them to the boot menu. That being said, however, if you open the device manager - it should show an unrecognized portion of the disc missing (equal to your Mint size).

I am not sure which version of grub you use (Assuming you use grub), so you would need to get back in and re-configure GRUB.

How to Reinstall Grub into MBR
I would summarize this, but it's a bit long.

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