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Where can I view hard disk usage stats on Mac OS X? Specifically it's a SMART enabled SSD (Crucial M4). But hopefully this command and/or app will not be so picky with drive type.

CrystalDiskInfo was recommended but it is not available for Mac or Unix.

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The tool I generally use under Linux or FreeBSD is called hdparm ( ). There seems to be no port of it yet for OS/X, but searching for possible port I found these: and (diskutil part) --- (All not a real answer, so posted in a comment) – Hennes Nov 7 '12 at 17:01
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SMART attribute 09 (Power-On Hours) is the one that tells you how many hours a device has been running. Anything that can dump SMART info should be able to get it for you. There are several utilities for OS X that claim to do just that, including the Linux favorite smartctl.

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Thanks! I found what I needed earlier, but this answer will likely serve others better. – Ryan Nov 8 '12 at 17:55

Trim Enabler worked for my SSD, but it won't work for HDD.

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